I have bought a new laptop. It came with Ubuntu installed. I have upgraded to 20.04.01 LTS.

In my root there is a really large swapfile, and that takes up a lot of space. It's 137.6 GB and it's last altered on the 11th of september (more than a month ago).

I don't think i need this file, i have 64 GB of ram. Is there a way to reduce the size?

output of free command

total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:       65613160     2528548    60546840       98704     2537772    62259952
Swap:     134217724           0   134217724
  • It is unlikely that you have that big a swap file and 120 GB of RAM in a laptop. It looks very weird. But you can remove or reduce your swap file. What does free command output? – Pilot6 Oct 30 at 14:01
  • sorry, i exaggerated if have 64 gb of ram. I have made an edit to the original message with the output of the free command. Can I safely lower the swap file to, say 8 GB? – CaptainAhab Oct 30 at 15:52
  • You don't need a swap file if you have that much RAM. – Pilot6 Oct 30 at 15:53
  • ok. so can i safely delete the swapfile or do I need to de-register it first somewhere? – CaptainAhab Oct 30 at 16:00
  • Remove it from /etc/fstab. – Pilot6 Oct 30 at 16:09

You can remove the swap file totally with this amount of RAM.

Run in a terminal:

sudo swapoff -a
sudo rm /swapfile
sudo nano /etc/fstab

and remove the line with the swap file from there.

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  • thnx for this, this really helped – CaptainAhab Oct 30 at 16:20

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