I'm running a very old program, closed source, no longer updated, which has a horrible font. There's no option to change font in the program; can I somehow force that program to use another font? Example: enter image description here

  • Horrible idea: replace the font file with the font you want. This usually works if the font glyphs fit in the same boxes. – Joshua Oct 28 at 2:39

The program appears to use hard-coded fonts. The program contains internal strings that reference Tcl/Tk and font lists.

If you're willing to use a beta version, WXtoimg 2.11.2 beta uses a sans-serif font.

2.11.2 beta

It might be possible to change the font via X resources, but I don't know how.

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  • This is a very old interface, so resources are rare. But see for example Gilles' answer to "Is there a way to find all X resources an application uses?". – Quasímodo Oct 28 at 11:09

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