i have yet another question regarding bash.

in a text file, there is a set of information. the constant here is the "sys app" and the end "checker"

sys app /partition/app_webapps_80 {
load-balancing-mode least-connections-member
members {
    /partition/host-1:80 {
    /partition/host-2:80 {
checker /partition/tcp 
sys app /partition/app_webapps_8989 {
    members {
        /partition/host-1:8989 {
        /partition/host-2:8989 {
    checker /partition/tcp 

what i did is to create a while loop, then i uses the following, however i get the address replicated the number of lines in the file.


while read do rs=$(sed -n '/sys app/,/checker/p' filename |grep -m $line "address" |tail -n 1) 
echo `$rs 
line=$[$line +1]`

done < filename

what should i go for, if i just want to match some information in between 2 string, then assign it to a variable that i can use for later?

appreciate any advise on this.

since under app_webapps_80 and app_webapps_8989 they have the same address and address

the expected result is to run the loop. and the loop will run to identify how many address there are between app_webapps_80 and the first checker

then assign the address to a variable to use and then assign address to another variable to use

the loop will run again to identify the new app_webapps_8989 and the checker in that section repeat what it does for the first set.

not sure if i make sense on this?


Instead of doing a range match, I think it will be easier to just read it from top to bottom.


declare -A A=()

while read -r b c; do
done < <(awk '
    /^ *sys app /{b=substr($3,12)}
    /^ *address /{a[b]=sprintf("%s %s",a[b],$2)}
    END {
        for(c in a){print c a[c])}
    }' file)

# Let's iterate the assosiative array.
for d in ${!A[@]}; do
    set -- ${A[$d]}
    echo 1st   - $d: $1
    echo 2nd   - $d: $2
    echo All   - $d: $@
    echo Last  - $d: ${@:(-1)}
    echo Range - $d: ${@:1:2}

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