After doing sudo apt update, I start typing sudo apt install pyqt and then press the tab key twice to see what packages are available:

pyqi             pyqt5chart-dev   pyqt5.qsci-dev   pyqwt3d
pyqso            pyqt5-dev        pyqt5webengine   
pyqt5            pyqt5-dev-tools  pyqt-qwt         
pyqt5chart       pyqt5-examples   pyquery

And then, when I try installing with sudo apt install pyqt5, it says E: Unable to locate package pyqt5. Why list it then when I hit the tab key twice?

  • no, the 'Universe' repository was already enabled in Software & Updates > Ubuntu Software when I encountered the bug. – Thomas Oct 24 at 19:16

It looks like you have discovered a bug with apt and apt-get auto-completion.

The pyqt5 is a name of source code package for various pyqt5-related packages which are compiled from it.

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