I have a repertory called 'data' and have multiple random files in it. I want to create a 'results.txt' file with all the names of the files in 'data'.

I want to use only the command echo in one command. So far I've done:

cd data

and then

echo * > ../results.txt

It does work but not in the same command.

  • Why? what is special about "one command"? what actual problem are you trying to solve? Oct 24, 2020 at 0:31

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Clearly you could avoid the cd by doing

echo data/* > results.txt

however this will result in the filenames in results.txt being prepended with the pathname data/.

In zsh, you could use the :t (tail) modifier to strip off the pathname:

echo data/*(:t) > results.txt            # zsh only

Try this? Not using echo command which you mentioned but does the same thing..

ls -1a >../result.txt


No need to cd. You can do

ls data > results.txt

Don't put a * because that will cause all results to start with data/. However my answer did not use the echo command as you needed.

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