I'm on 20.04. In the settings of dash to dock I've set the icons to small. When I'm in the settings the dock is fine, but when I close the settings it resizes to the default size (big) and stays like that until I have opened the Settings or GNOME Extensions again.

I reinstalled my Ubuntu because I wasn't able to fix this stupid extension and it behaves the same again!

This is how I want it all the time. It's only like this when I'm in the Extensions option:
This is how i want it all the time! Its only like this when im in the extensions option!!!!!

How it resizes automatically when Settings / Extensions is not open:
How it resizes automatically when settings / extensions is not open

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The issue is because your Icons are not a fixed size, the bar will auto resize to make the Icons fit when a new window is opened.

If you don't have it installed, install gnome-tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Then bring up the tweaks control panel and select the Extensions tab. Then select the gear on the right of the Dash to Dock to bring up the settings.

enter image description here

Then turn on the "Fixed icon size" at the bottom. That should prevent the bar from auto resizing.

enter image description here


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