I'm having problems creating a shortcut file to webpages using Type=Link in a .desktop file, on Lubuntu 20.04


When clicking on a .desktop file with content like this ..

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Name of Link Shortcut

.. I get the following error message:


What I've tried

  • Making the file executable with sudo chmod a+x [filename] --- result: same issue
  • Adding Version=1.0 or Version=1.1 --- result: same issue
  • Adding Encoding=UTF-8 --- result: same issue
  • Using different values for the URL key --- result: same issue
  • Changing the file suffix to .url --- result: nothing happens when trying to open the file

I've also run desktop-file-validate which does not give any errors or warnings (except when i include the "Encoding" key)

After searching I found this answer but it gives me the same issue that I describe above

My OS is Lubuntu 20.04, but I think I recall having the same problem on Lubuntu 18.04

Specification document for .desktop files: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html


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The only solution I found is to directly use the .desktop entry as firefox application:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Open Askbuntu
Exec=firefox https://askubuntu.com

Lxqt seems to take the URL key as a file browser path:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Open Askbuntu

Opens the file browser at /home path. Must be a bug? Or some obscure misconfiguration.

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    This is the correct solution (or using xdg-open in lieu of firefox) for everything preceeding Groovy, i.e. with libfm-qt < 0.15.0. There was indeed a bug found and fixed. More info and discussion in the commit message as well as the attached issue. As an aside, Bionic, being LXDE and having libfm (not libfm-qt), should not have the same problem.
    – wxl
    Oct 19, 2020 at 23:48

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