I am asking this question because I noticed there wasn't an obvious answer for beginners.

The problem is very simple: I have a pretty noisy Wraith Spire CPU fan. Normally, it could run at a silent mode (set in the bios setup), it doesn't seem to slow down. This a serious issue for me since I have a set of open-back headphones that I don't want to give up, but might have to, because I can't seem to get to solve the issue.

Is there any way I could reduce the fan speed through some software? At least for when I am just listening to music and not running any other software.

  • First thing to check is your CPU temps, high temps should equal high fan speeds, and don't want to reduce. If CPU around 40 to 60 and you have high fan, something needs adjustment or is wonky. – crip659 Oct 18 at 0:24
  • To control fan/s from OS, need to know if they have sensors that OS can read. Would install sensors first and maybe psensors if you want a GUI. – crip659 Oct 18 at 12:10
  • I did install psensor and my cpu barely reaches 30°, but the fan constantly works at 1600 RPM, even though I am barely running anything on it. – Daniel Sebin Oct 19 at 7:12
  • See if there is a bios update for your system. It is low fan speed, but don't expect that till temp warms up. Look for 'fan control ubuntu' in google or here. Fan itself nice and solid? – crip659 Oct 19 at 11:09
  • Run sensors-detect, does it detect anything in the SuperIO section? – rtaft Oct 19 at 12:31

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