Apparently corruption got into my Ubuntu 20.04 samba server. At first it would still launch as a read-only filesystem. A number of forums and blogs recommended running fsck from a live disc. But that didn't seem to work from my Ubuntu 20.04 install USB.

After a couple more tries the corruption apparently got worse and the USB drive would not launch, giving an initramfs error instead. It seemed like I might have wipe the drive and restore from a backup until...

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...this slightly old tutorial came up in a search.

Besides clearly explaining the entire process of fixing corruption, it recommended booting from a USB drive with Ubuntu Alternative 12 - because it would not mount the root drive. That earlier OS didn't launch either but the theory proved useful. Apparently Linux Mint, 20 "Ulyana" - Cinnamon (64-bit), does not mount the root drive.

That old machine (Mac mini late 2009) took a few minutes to launch LM from a USB drive, but once open it allowed me to confirm that dev/sdb2 was the root drive in question with...

$  sudo fdisk -l

...find that the drive did have lots of errors (without correcting) with...

$ sudo fsck -n /dev/sdb2

...then fix the errors with...

$ sudo fsck.ext4 -f /dev/sdb2

After that my machine seems to be running well.

Maybe there's an easier way to have fixed this issue, and maybe I missed something in my research, but wanted to document this in case it might be useful to others.

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