I am trying to update my Ubuntu desktop "Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS" via APT behind corporate proxy but getting the following issue:

E: Syntax error /etc/apt/apt.conf:3: Extra junk at end of file

and here is my /etc/apt/apt.conf file:

$ cat /etc/apt/apt.conf
Acquire::http::proxy “http://usr:pass@10.20.x.x:8080/”;
Acquire::https::proxy “http://usr:pass@10.20.x.x:8080/”;

I have tried to search the same on Ask Ubuntu and found How to solve "Extra junk at end of file" when using apt? but this doesn't resolve the issue as I am already using the ; and still facing the same issue.

What should I do to fix the issue?


Ok this issue was with 'double quotations mark' I was using i.e instead of 'quotation mark' i.e ".

Changing from to " resolved my issue.

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