I am trying out the new MAAS tool on my laptop and have installed the MAAS server in a VirtualBox VM. I want to try adding nodes so I created a couple of VMs in VirtualBox that boot from the network via PXE and exist on a 'host-only' network with the MAAS server. When I go to the MAAS admin website I try to add the nodes by copying the MAC address for each of the virtual machines but get the error message "Unable to create Node: timed out". Is MAAS trying to invoke the node via Wake on LAN? Is there someway to get it to work with Virtual Machines for testing purposes?


This is caused by a very long delay by dnsmasq when it gets restarted after node additions.

Edit the PSERV_TIMEOUT value in the Django settings.py so it's 30 instead of 7.

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