I have a handfull of snap apps. They include Discord, Slack, Spotify, Messenger, Mailspring, VLC, and others. Slack is a classic (unsandboxed) app. The rest are normal snaps.

None of the sandboxed apps are able to establish a network connection.

I've tried...

  • snap disconnect followed by snap connect.
  • a system restart.
  • a reinstall of some of the snaps

They all broke simultaneously a few days ago. I'm on 20.04. I really don't know how to go about debugging this.

Edit: To clarify, I am confident that this issue is due to snap sandboxing because whatever caused it to break affects all sandboxed snaps, and they all broke at the same time. It happened a few days ago, but it took me a few days to notice and make the connection that being snaps was the only thing all these apps have in common. I didn't make any system changes. At worst, I may have installed some updates.

  • Can you edit your question to tell us more about "They all broke simultaneously a few days ago?" That seems to be critical information, every little detail helps. – user535733 Oct 11 '20 at 2:42
  • Edited. There's really nothing else I can say. Their having all broken at once is the only evidence I have that this is snap sandbox related -- it's the only characteristic all these apps share. – subdavis Oct 11 '20 at 14:58

A workaround I've found is to install the snap in dev mode.

snap install discord --devmode

I do not know what my issue is or why this helps. This should not be the accepted answer.

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