I'm getting this error since trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 20. For the reference, I never wanted to install ZFS on this computer, never did anything to that effect, and, subsequently, there are no ZFS volumes / pools or anything like that on this computer.

Why is this happening / how can I disable this behavior? I don't have a kernel module for ZFS, so there's nothing to blacklist.

I figured that the effects of whatever kernel is doing there might be benign, I still don't want it to spew suspicious errors.

  • Please clarify your release(s). Ubuntu uses yy releases only for specialist snap based releases for IoT appliances/devices or cloud based use (having done so since 2016). Main releases use yy.mm such as used by server & desktops releases. You mention both Ubuntu 20 (snap based release likely Ubuntu Core 20) but have tagged Ubuntu 20.04 LTS; please clarify. – guiverc Oct 10 '20 at 11:13

That isn't a kernel message, that is a message from a systemd service that mounts ZFS file systems. Something like the following should stop it trying to do that:

systemctl disable zfs-mount
systemctl disable zfs-import-cache

Or you could just leave it as is, the message doesn't indicate an actual problem.

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