How to install Avro Keyboard since developer's instruction doesn't work smoothly.

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Avro Keyboard - Ubuntu: 22.04


Press Alt+Ctrl+T to start terminal and run following command

sudo apt install ibus-avro

Restart system or Log out - Log in

Go to Settings > Keyboard (Settings > Region & Language in 20.04)

In Input Sources click +

Click Bangla or Bangla (Bangladesh)

Finally select Bangla (Avro Phonetic)

Now it should work just fine.
If not make sure your Keyboard Input Method System is > IBus

Common Problem

Avro Stops writing Bangla. Try to restart ibus.

ibus restart

How to install Avro Phonetic in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  • Open Ubuntu Software
  • Search Avro Phonetic in Ubuntu Software search bar avro phonetic in ubuntu software
  • Click install install Avro Phonetic
  • Restart the machine or Logout and then login again
  • Open Settings > Region & Language
  • Click on the + (plus) icon in Input Sources
  • Search for Bangla and then click on Bangla (Avro Phonetic) Add Bangla Avro Phonetic
  • The Avro Phonetic will be added to the Input Sources Avro phonetic in Input Sources
  • Now you will get a dropdown for selecting bn for Bangla language in top bar right corner
  • You can switch between different Input Source using win + space keyboard shortcut Write using Bangla


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Ubuntu 22.04
If Settings > Keyboard/Region does not work then try following

  • Remember to log out or reboot after installation of Avro and then proceed to the next step.
  • Ibus preference from the system menu or ibus-setup from the terminal.
  • Click on the Add button in Input Method
  • Search for Bangla and then click on Avro Phonetic

Sometimes avro stops writing Bangla. It starts writing in English after a couple of words. I have switched off the preferences option altogether and got rid of this problem.

Using Ubuntu budgie 20.04 (Dual boot with windows)


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