I'm installing Nvidia driver 450 on a 20.04 brand new server with no desktop environment (which I do not want to have).

(Context: final goal is to install cuda toolkit via Tensorflow Docker, and drivers are the only thing outta container).

When it comes to apt install, turns out that both nvidia-driver-450/nvidia-driver-450-server packages will carry a huge load of gnome-related stuff.

So I'm wondering if nvidia-headless-450/nvidia-headless-450-server will suffice. Asking for both brokes apt, so my questions are

  1. what's the -server suffixed variant supposed to do? Official guide doesn't clarify much.
  2. is the headless metapackage containing the actual driver?

Thanks to ubfan1, question is almost a duplicate. headless metapackage installed perfectly, although it decreased the terminal resolution btw.

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