When I initially installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my ThinkPad X1 Carbon (8th gen.), I was impressed by the fact that Ubuntu is now natively supporting fingerprint login using libfprint. I could set my fingerprint very easily in Settings > Users and use it for most of usages.

enter image description here

However, for quite some time, I have noticed that this stopped working (for no particular reason).

enter image description here

To investigate on this, I first used hw-probe to confirm this, and it showed

usb:06cb-00bd;ff-00-00;failed;fingerprint reader;;Synaptics, Inc.;

That was quite disturbing. So I ran lsusb, and it showed:

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 06cb:00bd Synaptics, Inc. 

That did not help either because 06cb:00bd belongs to the list of supported devices of the libfprint project.

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