I have a problem with sftp connection via ssh tunnel and use of Nautilus to watch the file inside. If I launch by terminal the command


he ask me the password of BastionHost and then the password of server. And so, the login was successfully.

How can I do the same thing from Nautilus (Ubuntu 20.04)?

I've tried some configuration adding ./ssh/config

Host bastion
    Hostname bastionhost.host.ip
    User userbastion
    Port 22

Host server
    Hostname serverhost.host.ip
    User userserver
    ProxyCommand ssh bastion

but never works. If I put in Nautilus command "sftp://server", he ask me the Bastion Host credential but nothing more, connection end cause timeout. How can i do?

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I think it's better to use the protocol SSHFS. It use SSH and SFTP but with this protocol you can mount a remote HardDisk or SSD. sudo apt install sshfs To manage this you need to open ssh port and in the client digit:

sudo sshfs -o allow_other your_userna[email protected]:/where/your_ssd/is_mount /where/you_want/to_mount

sshfs is the protocol -o allow_other is necessary for ubuntu system. username@ip_addres where the real Hardisk or SSD is mount. :/where/your_ssd/is_mount the server point of mount /where/you_want/to_mount the client point of mount

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