I have an uncommon hardware configuration. I'm running an AMD APU r7 3700U Vega 10. Problem-solving is keeping me busy, but I'm still a beginner. I'm currently tethered to my phone and when I boot Ubuntu it's a dice roll whether the wifi adapter is recognized or not (as well as whether I have audio?)


I've identified my wireless card as an Intel 8265/8275 I installed Mainline to update the kernel to 5.8 - no dice so far.

I'm trying to follow these instructions:



I'm trying to figure out what the module is but I have no idea?

https://pastebin.com/JucndMbp (couldn't figure out how to format the terminal output).

Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 4.6+

iwlwifi-8265-ucode-22.361476.0.tgz - I think this is what I'm looking for?


01:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275 [8086:24fd] (rev 78)
    Subsystem: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275 [8086:8110]
    Kernel modules: iwlwifi
02:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller [0108]: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981/PM983 [144d:a808]
0: hci0: Bluetooth
    Soft blocked: no
    Hard blocked: no
1: asus-wlan: Wireless LAN
    Soft blocked: no
    Hard blocked: no
2: asus-bluetooth: Bluetooth
    Soft blocked: no
    Hard blocked: no

Here's a wireless diagnostic that I found googling around:

https://termbin.com/zd1b (this is my system).

https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=285630 - Little hesitant to try any of this since I have an Asus and these seem to be for Lenovo?

$ sudo dmesg | grep iwl
[sudo] password for wist: 
[    1.969622] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)
[    2.296862] iwlwifi: probe of 0000:01:00.0 failed with error -110
  • This device should work without any problems unless it is blocked by rfkill. Instead of installing mainline kernels that can cause some more trouble, check rfkill and dmesg. – Pilot6 Oct 1 '20 at 19:10
  • Please edit your question and add output of lspci -knn | grep Net -A3; rfkill list terminal command. – Pilot6 Oct 1 '20 at 19:11
  • I edited in the output Pilot6. The dmesg output is enormous as well, do you want that too? – Wist Oct 1 '20 at 19:41
  • Run dmesg | grep iwl. That will be short. Also is it a dual boot with Windows? – Pilot6 Oct 1 '20 at 20:10
  • And try to boot with an Ubuntu kernel, not a mainline. – Pilot6 Oct 1 '20 at 20:12

Disable Windows Fast Start feature and drivers should work.

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