I just installed ubuntu 12.04 by completely removing windows. Now i am unable to open ubuntu software center . however i am able to see the icon on my desktop. suppose i can open the software center successfully... how can i install the required drivers ? can i use the cds(drivers , webcam , facerecognition) that were given at the time of purchase of my inspiron ? please guide me in this respect . i wish to explore the world of linux .


Drivers don't get installed from the windows cds because the windows software is made only for windows. In GNU/Linux, a lot of the drivers that you'll ever need are already running with the default kernel from installation.

As for the webcam, it probably just works. I would suggest that you install the cheese webcam utility to test it out. To install cheese, either open the software center and search for/ install it from there.. Or, hit ctrl+alt+t to get the command line. Then, run this command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cheese -y

After the installation is complete, you can click the Ubuntu icon, then start typing cheese, then launch the "Cheese Webcam Booth".

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