A recurring issue. Yesterday evening, after rebooting, the laptop keyboard behaved erratically. The external mouse is working. (I rarely use the laptop mouse).

Some keys are working, some do not respond. Thus, keys: Space, C, B, Y, and P have stopped responding as required. Pressing Y results in a screenshot but no other response. The arrow keys are unresponsive as well.

The rest of the keys work fine. I tested them systematically. Also, key P initially responded but then stopped (No longer strictly true. See update below).

I also have been having some issues with the power input. The connection is likely loose.

I am typing this post using the onboard keyboard. but that is quite slow.

Lastly, I have also tried:

sudo apt-get install -y xserver-xorg-input-all

including uninstalling and reinstalling.

I am at my wit's end. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Would plugging in an external keyboard solve the issue?


Yesterday I purchased a Logitech K120 and the following happened.

If I plug in the external keyboard and then start the machine, I am able to login using my password. But the moment I am logged in, I am no longer able to use the external keyboard. None of the laptop's keys work, and neither does the on-screen keyboard.

Even without an external keyboard, I am able to login using the laptop keyboard. But the same issue recurs. Once logged in, I am unable to use the laptop keyboard or even the on-screen keyboard.

I have been informed that this likely indicates a software issue.

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