I've got Ubuntu 20.04 and Win 10 on dual boot. I've also got a Xbox One Controller which I use on Windows with the official Wireless Adapter.

Everytime I boot into Linux, and then go back to Windows, I have to pair again the controller. If I'm on Windows and I restart and go into Windows again, I don't have to do this.

I don't wish to use the controller on Ubuntu, I just want it to work without a new pairing after previously having used Ubuntu.

Is there a way to fix this?

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I experienced the same issue and I think I found a solution.

Here some friendly folks described how to disable usb devices on linux. So basically you have to:

  • use lsusb to list usb devices in terminal.
  • Identify the xbox dongle
    • For me it was: Bus 003 Device 007: ID 045e:02e6 Microsoft Corp. Wireless XBox Controller Dongle
  • create a file (e.g. my.rules) in /etc/udev/rules.d/
  • add this line to the file: ACTION=="add", ATTR{idVendor}=="045e", ATTR{idProduct}=="02e6", RUN="/bin/sh -c 'echo 0 >/sys/\$devpath/authorized' where the vendor id and product id correspond to the dongle's ID which we got from lsusb
  • reboot & pair the controller one last time in windows

After doing these steps I don't need to re-pair my controller between ubuntu & linux boots anymore.

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