i want to move the files older than 10 day's to backup path when i have used based on the below commands it was working fine for me when i ran individual each command

find /home/abc/def/xyz-sw-n2/log/ -type f -name *.txt -mtime +10 -print

find /home/abc/def/xyz-sw-n2/accesslog/ -type f -name *.csv -mtime +10 -print

find /home/abc/def/eguard/ -type f -name *.csv -mtime +10 -print

find /home/abc/def/xxxv6/logs/ -type f -name *.csv -mtime +10 -print

find /home/abc/def/yyy/request/log/ -type f -name *.log -mtime +10 -print

find /home/abc/def/zzz-core/logs -type f -name *.log -mtime +10 -print

when i ran this below command there is a problem that if any configuration file or important file which is with *.csv or *.log or *.txt will get moved


find . -type f \( -name *.csv -o -name *.txt -o -name *.log \) -mtime +10 -print

in your system there is no particular format naming convention for the log's *.csv or *.log or *.txt

how to make it automate


Put the name specifiers between double quotes:

find . -type f \( -name "*.csv" -o -name "*.txt" -o -name "*.log" \) -mtime +10 -print

works on my system.

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    If the -name argument in find command contains wildcards, it should always be written in quotes. Even the man page for the find command says that. – raj Sep 22 at 13:28
  • Hi Jos, Thanks for the update but my concern is if i ran the below command it will move the main configuration file. find . -type f ( -name ".csv" -o -name ".txt" -o -name "*.log" ) -mtime +10 -print for example: find /home/abc/def/xyz-sw-n2/log/ -type f -name *.txt -mtime +10 -print find /home/abc/def/xyz-sw-n2/alerts/config/email/1234/ -type f -name *.txt -mtime +10 -print (Main Config File) – Jagadish Kumar Sep 23 at 1:06
  • @JagadishKumar I don't understand your comment. In your question, you never mention a main config file, and none of the commands moves anything. – Jos Sep 23 at 7:21
  • @jos i want to move the log's – Jagadish Kumar Sep 24 at 7:31

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