This link does not answer my problem.. The first solution I've no idea how to work. The second one I attempted, but it bricked Ubuntu and I had to reinstall the OS.

My setup: Desktop computer with Ubuntu installed (Linux version 5.4.0-2 genetic. Ubuntu version: 20.04.1

Windows 10 laptop that has an internet connection.

I am trying to install drivers for the wifi adapter but I need to be able to make them. Make is not available so I need a way to transfer this from the Windows 10 laptop to the Ubuntu desktop with my USB key. I have tried Keryx but to no avail.

I've been trying for 6 hours now so would appreciate any help. Thanks

  • One simple solution is to share the Windows internet connection. A network cable is needed for that...but they are cheap and you can set up a network in much less than 6 hours.
    – user535733
    Sep 16 '20 at 18:52
  • "The first solution I've no idea how to work." what part of this answer are you stuck on? Sep 16 '20 at 20:43

I had a similar problem, but the network connected system was Ubuntu. Here's my process:

System A: network connection.

System B: needs network.

USB key Read/Writable by both A and B. FAT-32, ExFAT format. not NTFS.

Set P to the package to install.


On System A:

Download P from https://packages.ubuntu.com Ensure the .deb file is stored on the USB key. Be sure to dl packages for your Ubuntu release.

If I knew how to list dependencies of a .deb, I would use it here, add dependencies to P, and go back to Retry.

Unmount the USB key, and move it to System B.

On System B:

cd to the USB key, probably /media/$USER/....

Try to install P with

sudo dpkg --install *.deb

It will probably fail, issuing messages like "Package foo depends on bar, but bar is not going to be installed". Add package bar to P, the list of packages to be installed.

cd away from the USB key.

Unmount (umount) the USB key, and move it back to System A.

Go back to Retry.

After about 7 cycles, you should have come to a successful sudo dpkg --install *.deb, or Something Is Awry.

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