I searching for a software similar to KRunner or Alfred on MacOS. which is able to to global search on my system and if needed to extra tasks. I used to use Albert, but it seems not to be maintained any longer. Ulauncher did not convince me and I could not get Cerebro to run, and actually would prefer a more lightweight option.

Is there anything else which works as fast as KRunner on KDE and has the same functions for GNOME?


It seems that Albert is still maintained, a new version was released recently: https://github.com/albertlauncher/albert/



The best alternative in my opinion is ulauncher.

It's discussed to include it as a standard app in debian and maybe ubuntu will follow. The ulauncher homepage gives many plenty of extension and also how to build your own extension. It is highly configurable and works with plasma (baloo, ...) and gnome.

For installing follow the description on ulauncher download section , where a deb or ppa installation links are given.

For the ppa use:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:agornostal/ulauncher
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ulauncher

And to run it as a service using systemctl you may copy the following script into your service directory:

file: /lib/systemd/system/ulauncher.service

Description=Linux Application Launcher

ExecStart=/usr/bin/ulauncher --hide-window


Now you can start or enable ulauncher as service.

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