My Déjà Dup is missing an option to back up to Nextcloud. This is on 20.04 LTS. I see only three: Google Drive, Network Server, and Local Folder. Is there some way I can add it back?

I do see the Nextcloud option on a different computer running 18.04 LTS.

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Whew, that took some digging. The Déjà Dup team says that, as of 39.0, "Nextcloud accounts will now appear as webdav network server accounts." So the new way to use a Nextcloud storage location is to select "Network Server" and type in a URI using a dav or davs scheme.

For example: davs://example.com/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/ . Then it'll ask for the usual inputs: username (yes, even though it is in the URI), password, and encryption preference.

You can see a nearly correct URI in the Files app:

screen grab of Nextcloud Files app settings showing webdav URL

You can copy that URI and change the scheme to davs (or dav) to create a URI that will work in Deja Dup.

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