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I have a build script where I do a bunch of file operations and if they succeed, I print stuff to stdout as part of a report generated for the build. However I am getting the error "mv: missing destination file operand after" a lot.

if mv $(ls *.md | grep -v _index.md) markdown; then
    echo "    Put Markdown files back in 'markdown'"

I have been reading that it is usually people have just missed the destination part of the command, but in this case I don't think that I have.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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    You should really avoid constructs like $(ls *.md | grep -v _index.md) - in bash, you could more robustly set the nullglob and extglob options i.e. shopt -s nullglob extglob and then use mv -t markdown/ !(_index).md I think – steeldriver Sep 9 at 22:59
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    ... the error could simply be because ls *.md | grep -v _index.md returns no matches, so that your command becomes mv markdown – steeldriver Sep 9 at 23:42
  • I think that is what is happening, too! Is there a way to avoid the grumbly error? – Finn LeSueur Sep 9 at 23:46

Likely the error is because $(ls *.md | grep -v _index.md) evaluates to an empty string (i.e. there are no .md files that do not match _index.md) so that your command becomes

mv markdown

In general, you should avoid constructions like $(ls *.md | grep -v _index.md) for the reasons discussed here:

Bash has a couple of nice "globbing" features that allow you to avoid such problems:


shopt -s nullglob extglob

mdfiles=( !(_index).md )

if (( ${#mdfiles[@]} > 0 )); then
  if mv -t markdown/ -- "${mdfiles[@]}"; then
    echo "    Put Markdown files back in 'markdown'"
  echo "    No Markdown files to move"

This should work unless the number of .md files is large enough to overflow the shell's ARG_MAX.

See also

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    @pLumo good one - added – steeldriver Sep 10 at 12:57

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