There is a default font for each language in ubuntu, which is displayed in menus, captions, etc. As far as I'm concerned they're located in /usr/shared/fonts.

My problem is that I can't find the default Farsi font file, no matter wherever and how long I search! Where is that ttf file?

P.S.: I've looked into the ubuntu family folder; nothing.

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There is no "French font", "German font" and "English font"—those languages all use the Latin script system. The same is true for Farsi (fa); there is no single "Farsi font" file, but the Arabic (script) character set is used by several languages and a single font can cover all of these.

If you have your own .ttf font that you are used to reading and would prefer to use, you can set it as default with:

  1. Go to the Ubuntu Software Centre
  2. Search for and install "Advanced Settings" (aka "GNOME Tweak Tool")
  3. Double-click your preferred .ttf to open in GNOME Font Viewer
  4. Click [Install]
  5. Use the Advanced Settings tool to select the name of the font you just installed.

(The changes are installed in your own user area, and do not require administrator permissions).

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