I'm creating a respin off of Lubuntu 20.04.1. I installed Lubuntu and made some customizations to it - one of which is Chromium (the Snap version). I've made Chromium my default browser in 2 ways (because it seems there are multiple ways of defining the default browser):

  • Setting the Web Browser variable in LXQT Session Settings
  • Selecting "Make Chromium the default browser" in the Chromium settings

I set this TWICE! It should work, so I test it:

  • sensible-browser Brings up Chromium
  • xdg-open some site Brings up Chromium

I now make a respin based on this system. All of my customizations work perfectly EXCEPT that Firefox is my default browser in the respin.

All of the files were copied, so I'm not sure what got lost in the respin. What should I be looking at to see why Chromium is not my browser?


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Check https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/lubuntu-default-settings

esp. mimeapps.list


which results in /etc/xdg/xdg-Lubuntu/mimeapps.list

(see https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/solved-chromium-google-chrome-keeps-nagging-about-not-being-the-default-browser/500 ; I recall a discussion in our phab instance but a quick search didn't find that hence the discourse link I did find)

I'm no expert, nor a dev, but it's how I would change it for new installs, or for existing installs via normal upgrade process (it's also a package I've touched/changed for a prior release)

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