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Error on boot: unknown command 'gfxmode'. Pressing any key continues

A few days ago, I installed Ubuntu 12.04. I changed the order of systems on the list of boot loader (I use Windows Vista and Ubuntu on one computer). I also changed, by the way, the appearance of the selection screen (resolution). All this with the Grub Customizer. After reboot and after the list of systems to choose was shown, I got a message: „Error: unknown command 'gfxmode'. Pressing any key continues ... ". Ubuntu starts even without pressing any key. The problem is repeated each time when I run Ubuntu. How to solve it?

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I solved the problem deleting the line:

"gfxmode $linux_gfx_mode"

in "/etc/grub.d/40_custom" file


The grub customizer forgot to put set before gfxmode. Go into /etc/grub.d and run the following command to find out which file has the gfxmode entry: grep gfxmode * Then use whatever text editor you like to just put set in front of it.

A little background on this is that gfxmode is a variable, so it has to be set with the set command, but the customizer tried to use it as a command.


I use boot-repair software to reinstall the GRUB.

Then problem resolved.

You can see my comment on this bug.


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