How to install rbase without uninstalling libcurl4

I have installed Hugin. When I install rbase, hugin and libcurl4 are uninstalled. When i install Hugin, rbase and libcurl3 are uninstall.

What to do?

This is a known bug, but no solution exists...

info here

Is there a way to force to NOT uninstall a specific package?

  • According to the link you posted a fix was to check the repos in the /etc/apt/sources.list file. I know that sometimes when you are installing an application from a different repo if it finds a version of an app that is installed it will recommend the version for removal as to not cause compatibility issues. Try disabling 3rd party repos before trying to install rbase. – Terrance Sep 3 at 3:40
  • Or the very last comment in the bug stated that they removed all repos from the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder. Maybe just try disabling before removing. – Terrance Sep 3 at 3:46
  • Solution came from here: A user made curl34, which you have in the same installation both curls! askubuntu.com/questions/1061431/… Adding ppa, and updating system was enouph for me... launchpad.net/~xapienz/+archive/ubuntu/curl34 – Estatistics Sep 3 at 7:14

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