There was an option to change background to solid color. However, I notice that that option is no longer there.

The only options available are to use existing image or to add picture.

Was this setting moved to somewhere else?

enter image description here

Here are some of the option available in the previous version

Ubuntu Studio 18.04 64-bit

Why can't I change my background to a solid colour

Look at the solid colour settings there

enter image description here


Newer versions of Ubuntu Desktop have removed the capability to set the background to a solid color. You may run the following command in a terminal window to accomplish this task:

To clear the current image setting:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri ""

To set the primary color (the first color in a gradient or the solid color):

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background primary-color '#000000'

Reference: https://www.fcpace.com/node/55

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    Another reason to love linux. – Clintus Sep 14 '20 at 5:36
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    A slightly more elegant way to remove the picture might be to set picture-options to none. (Although I suspect Gnome is much smarter than to try and load a picture from an empty string.) – mwfearnley Mar 7 at 11:53
  • This will probably pollute the logs with an error where it does not find an expected bitmap background image. – Levente Mar 27 at 17:29
  • Works on 21.04! – Preston Lee Jul 23 at 15:37

Solid and Gradient Wallpaper

I use Open Office Draw to create my gradient backgrounds, then export the .odg file as a .jpg. I select this .jpg when I Change Background. I increase the size of the image a little when exporting it. You are welcome to my image, (attached), if you like. In my opinion 20.04 has the worst screen images of any Ubuntu to date.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • For a simple gradient, you may well find that PNG is both better quality and smaller than the equivalent JPEG. – mwfearnley Feb 2 at 15:30

I used my iPhone with the flash turned off to take a picture of "solidblack" (no shortage of black plastic in my house), then imported and applied the photo to my 20.04 desktop. This worked fine. I also did some testing with an upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 where the desktop was already set to solid black. The upgrade preserved that setting.

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    Good resourcefulness. But instead of taking and importing a photo, you could create one cleanly from the terminal, e.g: sudo apt install imagemagick; convert -size 1920x1080 canvas:black black.png (see also stackoverflow.com/questions/39504522/…) – mwfearnley Feb 2 at 15:37

Sorry it took too long to answer this.

Find Desktop | Background | Style and select None.

You're welcome.

  • This option doesn't exist on Ubuntu 20.04 with the GNOME desktop environment. Do you perhaps use another desktop environment or another version of Ubuntu? – BeastOfCaerbannog Jun 26 at 20:02

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