I'm trying to build Kernel Source of xen gvt linux following this guide (it should be done on ubuntu 18) :


The commands that I should issue are the following :

git clone https://github.com/intel/gvt-linux.git

cd gvt-linux

git checkout gvt-stable-4.17

echo ""|make oldconfig

make -j8 && make modules_install && make install

When I try to generate the kernel Debian package directly and install it with below commands, I get an error that I'm not able to fix. Can some one help me ?

root@zio-Z390-AORUS-PRO:/etc/xen/gvt-linux# cat .config | grep CONFIG_DRM_I915_GVT


root@zio-Z390-AORUS-PRO:/etc/xen/gvt-linux# cat .config | grep CONFIG_DRM_I915_GVT_KVMGT


root@zio-Z390-AORUS-PRO:/etc/xen/gvt-linux# cat .config | grep CONFIG_DRM_I915_GVT_XENGT


root@zio-Z390-AORUS-PRO:/etc/xen/gvt-linux# make -j8 deb-pkg
  CHK     include/config/kernel.release
make clean
  CLEAN   .
  CLEAN   arch/x86/lib
  CLEAN   certs
  CLEAN   arch/x86/entry/vdso
  CLEAN   arch/x86/kernel/cpu
  CLEAN   arch/x86/purgatory
  CLEAN   arch/x86/kernel
  CLEAN   arch/x86/realmode/rm
  CLEAN   kernel/debug/kdb
  CLEAN   lib/raid6
  CLEAN   security/apparmor
  CLEAN   lib
  CLEAN   security/selinux
  CLEAN   usr
  CLEAN   security/tomoyo
  CLEAN   samples/hidraw
  CLEAN   arch/x86/boot/compressed
  CLEAN   arch/x86/boot
  CLEAN   arch/x86/tools
  CLEAN   drivers/firmware/efi/libstub
  CLEAN   net/wireless
  CLEAN   drivers/gpu/drm/radeon
  CLEAN   drivers/net/wan
  CLEAN   drivers/scsi/aic7xxx
  CLEAN   drivers/tty/vt
  CLEAN   drivers/scsi
  CLEAN   .tmp_versions
/bin/bash ./scripts/package/mkdebian
  TAR     linux-4.17.0+.tar.gz
origversion=$(dpkg-parsechangelog -SVersion |sed 's/-[^-]*$//');\
    mv linux-4.17.0+.tar.gz ../linux-4.17.0+_${origversion}.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-buildpackage -r"fakeroot -u" -a$(cat debian/arch) -i.git -us -uc
dpkg-buildpackage: Avviso: Usare un gain-root-command con privilegi di amministrazione
dpkg-buildpackage: Informazioni: Pacchetto sorgente linux-4.17.0+
dpkg-buildpackage: Informazioni: Versione sorgente 4.17.0+-3
dpkg-buildpackage: Informazioni: Distribuzione sorgente bionic
dpkg-buildpackage: Informazioni: Sorgente modificata da Anonymous 


dpkg-buildpackage: Informazioni: Architettura host amd64
 dpkg-source -i.git --before-build gvt-linux
 fakeroot -u debian/rules clean
rm -rf debian/*tmp debian/files
make clean
 dpkg-source -i.git -b gvt-linux
dpkg-source: Avviso: no source format specified in debian/source/format, see dpkg-source(1)
dpkg-source: Informazioni: using source format '1.0'
dpkg-source: Avviso: source directory 'gvt-linux' is not <sourcepackage>-<upstreamversion> 'linux-4.17.0+-4.17.0+'
dpkg-source: Avviso: .orig directory name gvt-linux.orig is not <package>-<upstreamversion> (wanted linux-4.17.0+-4.17.0+.orig)
dpkg-source: Informazioni: building linux-4.17.0+ using existing linux-4.17.0+_4.17.0+.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-source: Informazioni: building linux-4.17.0+ in linux-4.17.0+_4.17.0+-3.diff.gz
dpkg-source: Errore: cannot represent change to vmlinux-gdb.py:
dpkg-source: Errore:   new version is symlink to /etc/xen/gvt-linux/scripts/gdb/vmlinux-gdb.py
dpkg-source: Errore:   old version is nonexistent
dpkg-source: Avviso: ignoring deletion of file .scmversion, use --include-removal to override
dpkg-source: Avviso: the diff modifies the following upstream files: 
dpkg-source: Informazioni: use the '3.0 (quilt)' format to have separate and documented changes to upstream files, see dpkg-source(1)
dpkg-source: Errore: unrepresentable changes to source
dpkg-buildpackage: Errore: dpkg-source -i.git -b gvt-linux subprocess returned exit status 1
scripts/package/Makefile:71: recipe for target 'deb-pkg' failed
make[1]: *** [deb-pkg] Error 1
Makefile:1408: recipe for target 'deb-pkg' failed

NB :

**I'm reading how to do that from here :


it seems that this is the right command to give :

fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom kernel_image kernel_headers

so,in my case I know,from the guide,that the kernel_image should be called : linux-image-4.17.0+_4.17.0+-2_amd64.deb,but I don't know the name of the headers

a command like this :

fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom linux-image-4.17.0+_4.17.0+-2_amd64.deb linux-headers-4.17.0+_4.17.0+-2_amd64.deb

gives the error : use --targets to display help on valid targets.


You can find the answer to your questions just on documentation, i.e. here : https://manpages.debian.org/stretch/dpkg-dev/dpkg-source.1.en.html

Have a nice day!

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  • I have added more details on the question. refresh page. Aug 31 '20 at 13:05
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    While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes.
    – Mitch
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