My battery backup is 4 hours when I am using Windows But at the time of using Ubuntu20.04, it decreases to 2.5 hours. Is there any way by which we can reduce the power consumption when we are using Ubuntu 20.04?

  • Have you installed tlp? – zwets Aug 31 '20 at 20:05
  • Not yet, Should i try it? Is it helpful? – harvey Sep 1 '20 at 8:49

I observed laptop fan was spinning high frequently while in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and consequently my laptop's battery backup was reduced (compared to running on 18.04 LTS)

Two ways to improve battery life:

  1. use powertop utility with --auto-tune flag. You can also use it to investigate which hardware component in your system is using most power and when. Installation steps: https://linoxide.com/tools/install-use-powertop-ubuntu-16-04/
  2. use my tiny little script: https://github.com/melvinga/cpuPowerProfilesForLinux It makes zero compromise on performance and my laptop battery backup improved from 5-6 hours to 8-10 hours.

Let me know if either of the above works for you.

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