When I run less file.txt (for example) in a terminal, I can use the mouse wheel to scroll through file.txt.

When running less file.txt in a byobu pane, one of two things happens when I scroll with the mouse wheel:

If byobu mouse-mode is off, the entire terminal scrolls, pushing byobu itself off the screen and nothing is passed to less.

If byobu mouse-mode is on, then the pane enters scrollback mode with the [10/220] line counter in the top corner, and nothing is passed to less.

How do I configure byobu to send mouse events through to the pane in which I am scrolling?

I am using xfce4-terminal on Xubuntu 20.04.

  • Found solution here – pizzapants184 Aug 28 '20 at 21:59
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# Emulate scrolling by sending up and down keys if these commands are running in the pane
tmux_commands_with_legacy_scroll="nano less more man git"

bind-key -T root WheelUpPane \
    if-shell -Ft= '#{?mouse_any_flag,1,#{pane_in_mode}}' \
        'send -Mt=' \
        'if-shell -t= "#{?alternate_on,true,false} || echo \"#{tmux_commands_with_legacy_scroll}\" | grep -q \"#{pane_current_command}\"" \
            "send -t= Up Up Up" "copy-mode -et="'

bind-key -T root WheelDownPane \
    if-shell -Ft = '#{?pane_in_mode,1,#{mouse_any_flag}}' \
        'send -Mt=' \
        'if-shell -t= "#{?alternate_on,true,false} || echo \"#{tmux_commands_with_legacy_scroll}\" | grep -q \"#{pane_current_command}\"" \
            "send -t= Down Down Down" "send -Mt="'

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