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Having switched from 10.10 to 12.04, I find the new GUI confusing and hard to use,particularly in the area of accessing applications.

Both the launcher and Dash throw everything in together, Dash is inconsistent and frequently refuses to display anything but recently accessed applications and files, leaving me with only what few I can access with the Launcher. The hierarchical menus (categories, then applications for the selected category) were simpler and much easier to use, and I could build my own launcher simply by dragging icons for frequently used apps to the tool bar at the top. Switching workspaces was done by clicking an icon on the bar on the bottom, and required only a single click. Switching workspaces on 12.4 requires banging the cursor repeatedly on the left side of the screen to bring up the launcher, then finding and clicking the Workspace app, clicking it, waiting for the desktop to divide, then clicking the space you want, then clicking it yet again to bring it to full screen. A royal pain in the butt.

Is there any way to install a different GUI, preferably the same as or similar to 10.10 GUI? I tried installing the Gnome desktop but all that did was greatly lengthen boot time. No change in the GUI.

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