I use Dropbox and the folder is found in /home/user. The /home/user/Documents folder is a symlink to /home/user/Dropbox/Documents folder. When I search for files in Gnome Dash, if the search matches a file in Dropbox I get two entries - one for /home/user/Dropbox/Documents/filepath and another for /home/user/Documents/filepath.

How do I block one of these from appearing?


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First, install the dconf editor GUI apt-get install dconf-editor. You may also use the command line tool with gsettings set

The key you want to edit is /org/freedesktop/tracker/miner/files/ignored-directories

Use a custom value here, make sure you don't remove the existing values. It might look like this:

['po', 'CVS', 'core-dumps', 'lost+found', '/home/user/Dropbox/Documents']

Another quick and easy method to ignore a folder is to place a .trackerignore file in the folder with touch .trackerignore. That won't work in your case.

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