I was wondering whether by default there's anything in place that clears the .cache folder. To my understanding .cache is similar to /tmp, at least I am seeing it being used like that. Meaning that whatever is in either cache or temp might be reacessed at a certain point or even cleaned up and it shouldn't matter whether it's missing.

  • You might want to look into BleachBit that'll help you get rid of some unwanted cache and temp files. – KGIII Aug 22 '20 at 16:26

Short answer: no.

It is your cache, so no specific global system process will interfere with it. File manager thumbnails, alt least in the default Ubuntu desktop, will be automatically deleted if they are more than 180 days around (as set by org.gnome.desktop.thumbnail-cache maximum-age) or when the cache exceeds 512 megabytes (as set by org.gnome.desktop.thumbnail-cache maximum-size). How other items in the cache are maintained or handled depends on the application maintaining the cache.


~/.cache is not cleared automatically. Each individual application use ~/.cache location to store its own cache data. If it is using more size, you can clear it according to application. If you clear/remove whole directory content, some applications which stored cache won't able to find cache and you might need to restart them. I would suggest to tune application cache for example you can control cache size for browser in browser settings.

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