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Is there a way for me to specify exactly when "display weekly" means? E.g. I want the popup to show up at 9am Wednesday, or something like that.

  • Take a look at the systemd unit files apt-daily-upgrade.timer and apt-daily.timer. There are time fields in the service files that may affect the scheduling you're seeing in the GUI. Aug 18, 2020 at 2:27

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There is not a way specify times (or days) in the Software & Updates control panel.

Generally, it shouldn't be necessary for most folks: The displayed packages don't include time-sensitive security patches (your settings are to install those automatically right away). The only upgrades displayed will be non-time-sensitive bugfixes and backports.

  • The actual Software Updater application is available from the terminal at any time: update-manager

  • If you really want update-manager on a timer, you can use a cron job or a systemd timer. However, trying to run the application (which requires a $DISPLAY variable) that way might be more complex than is worthwhile for some users.

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