If I hover over to the setting menu or any of the indicator menus, Prnt Scrnbutton won't work.

If I want to take the snapshot of these menus, how do I do that?

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Try the Screenshot application included with 12.04

Open the Dash and type screenshot

enter image description here

With this application you can set a delay, by adjusting the value in the "Grab after a delay of" box, before it will automatically take a screenshot allowing you to open the menu you want a picture of.

enter image description here



A less mechanical method to print a pop-up menu. This software have a dedicated option to do that.

I recommend you this software with more options that facilitates your work. Also, with this app you can capture:

  • A window
  • A menu
  • A pop up
  • A website
  • The whole desktop, a part of this one, and more!

This has a daemon to take screen-shots more quickly and easily: indicator

Also have a built-in image editor to customize the photo just taken.

By default it has 3 seconds of delay, to disable go to Edit then Preferences and set the delay value to 0.

You can install it from the Software-Center or download all versions and source from their website.

  • Is there a method for taking screenshot of a menu without any delay?
    – Casper
    Aug 14, 2016 at 17:27
  • There is, I just added it.
    – Lucio
    Aug 14, 2016 at 18:22

Install the application Sutter, then select the area you want to take the screenshot of and apply the delay in which you will be able to reach that indicator, like I did for my blog

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