So I have Chrome Remote Desktop installed in Windows on 2 of my machines, and I want to set it up in Ubuntu as well (so that I can easily access my machine at home from work etc). So I went to https://remotedesktop.google.com/access as I did in Windows and chose to set it up. It downloaded the .deb and I installed it. But when I go back to that link after installing, I expected to see an option to "Turn On" and put the machine name and pin in.

Instead, I got this: remote desktop access screen

I checked in terminal, and it seems to be running fine: chrome remote desktop in terminal

So why am I not getting an option to turn it on (and set it up)? Seems the extension in Chrome has no options available either.

for the record, this is a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04.1 and chrome is up to date etc.


Its a bug for the chrome remote desktop installer not creating its own config folder. So simply create it via mkdir ~/.config/chrome-remote-desktop, refresh your chrome, and the "turn on" section will show up.

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