I am going to do a RAM upgrade for my laptop. I have a DELL G3 3579. I already figured out the main characteristics of my RAM: 2666 Mhz, 1.2V, DDR4, SODDIM type. Although, I still didn't find the latency.

I want to buy a new RAM as close as possible to the one that I already have on my PC (for budget purposes). I looked into those questions:

How do I check ram latency? How to find the frequency and type of my current RAM?

But they did't help me at all. At most, I found that the Supported CAS Latencies of my laptop ranges from 10T to 20T and that the Minimum CAS Latency Time (tAA) is 13.750 ns. So, how does it help?

  • How do I find the exact latency of my RAM Memory?


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