I have installed Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop. In general it seems that everything works fine. The problem I observe, is when I'm in Ubuntu and I reboot to enter Windows there are configurations that are reset like configurations with the Nvidia graphics card, sound card or wifi.

Similarly when I'm in Windows and I switch to Ubuntu, the first time I login the wifi card never works in Ubuntu. I have to reboot twice for Ubuntu to detect it.

I was reading that this may be due to the UEFI configuration, which should be using legacy mode. Should I format the disk, switch modes and reinstall Windows 10 + Ubuntu?

Also in other computers I've had I used to have problems changing the time when I changed OS, but in this case I find it curious to observe that not only the hour changes but also the minutes. I don't know if it's also something rare.

  • Your conclusion that your problems are related to dual booting doesn't make any sense to me. It sounds like you may have multiple problems spanning both operating systems. I recommend that you treat each issue as a separate problem and avoid the temptation of drawing conclusions or joining unrelated issues. It will probably be best if you research and ask about where you get stuck fixing each problem by itself. – Nmath Aug 3 at 17:49

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