I recently switched to using Ubuntu 20.04 from Windows 10. After some searching, I found PulseEffects for audio enhancements. However when I use PulseEffects, sound only comes out of my left speaker. I already checked my sound settings and the balance settings are fine.

If I turn PulseEffects off, both speakers work, so I know it isn't hardware.



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    Damn. Managed to fix it? I have the exact same problem -_- – Nahuel Nov 21 '20 at 15:30
  • Just stumbled upon this issue also. @Xammed Kain did you find a solution? – Redgren Grumbholdt Jan 30 at 16:07

Check out this thread.

My issue was with pulseEffects set for the left side only in sound settings, just had to move it to center and it works fine now:


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