This is an absolutely new machine and my current situation is I don't have root's password. I have a user (A) that has sudo privilege. I would like to create a user (B) which needs no password to log in. And I can only manipulate the machine through ssh.

$ whoami
$ sudo adduser -m B
$ sudo passwd -d B
passwd: password expiry information changed.
$ su - B
su: Authentication failure
$ sudo su - B
$ whoami
$ passwd -d B
passwd: Permission denied.

The above shows I cannot delete the password.

Why does this happen, and how can I fix it?

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Looks like you successfully deleted B's password on your first try (sudo passwd -d B).

However, you're on the wrong track: Deleting a password prevents login under any circumstances; it does NOT enable autologin. Undo the damage by creating a new password for B.

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