Getting [FAILED] - Failed to start NVidia Persistence Daemon. And the screen went black with the cursor blinking in 20.04.

My videos were getting stuck and not playing properly in the VLC. So, I tried to update the Nvidia driver. I went to the Additional Drivers tab, it had "using (proprietory, tested) selected by default, but I selected the second option which was having just (proprietory) and clicked apply changes. I got the dialog box to give a secure boot password and I gave it. Upon restart, I got a small blue box with options "Continue to boot", Open MDK, and one more option. I chose "Continue to boot". And the system started to boot but got stuck with a cursor blinking in black screen. It's not successfully booting. I searched this forum and as suggested in other posts, tried to disable the Secure boot option and restarted again. This time, I pressed Ctl + Alt + F1 and I could see the statuses. In that I saw the message [FAILED] - Failed to start NVidia Persistence Daemon. And the screen went black with the cursor blinking.

I don't get the GRUB screen to go to the terminal mode to uninstall or update the driver. How can I fix it? Please suggest.


I was able to fix using the below steps:

While booting, keep pressing the ESC key after the manufacturer logo and before the Ubuntu logo appears.

The GRUB Menu should appear. But for me I got the Grub command line instead. like:


Type 'normal' and hit enter. And keep pressing ESc again. Will get the GRUB menu now.

Choose the line that starts with "Advance Options:" and hit enter. You will get a Recovery Menu box: Choose the option = root - Drop to root shell prompt.

You will get the root command prompt at the bottom of the screen. Type the below commands to fix it. i.e to uninstall/remove the Nvidia proprietory drivers and install the default drivers.

-- sudo ubuntu-drivers list < To see the list of drivers >

-- sudo apt-get remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

-- sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

type 'reboot' to restart the system.

The Ubuntu was rebooting again as usual.

Hope this helps someone!

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