I'm trying to mount my google drive as a local directory (so that it could be used as storage and terminal access). I did add it to the "Online Accounts". I can see the drive in Dolphin. But I can't figure out how to mount it or somehow access from the command line.

All help is appreciated. Thank you.

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As of time of writing, I think you can't mount your google drive locally. The best bet is to use a program like google-drive-ocamlfuse, which allows you to access your locals locally at the same time sync said files if they weren't created via Google Drive.

Please note that requires you to use a ppa and use of the terminal.


  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-strada/ppa
  2. sudo apt update && sudo apt install google-drive-ocamlfuse

Setting your Google Drive Folder

Make sure you have a web browser for this step.

  1. google-drive-ocamlfuse
  2. Follow the prompts that you will get.
  3. mkdir -v ~/myGoogleDrive this will allow you to create a local copy of your Google Drive folders
  4. google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/myGoogleDrive this will tell the program to mount the local copy
  5. df -h to make sure it's mounted or you can cd to said folder and ls to see the contents

After months struggling with this issue, I searched the Discover Software Center for Google Drive and came across KIO. KIO seemed to solve the problem - https://community.kde.org/KIO_GDrive

Once the Google authentication is complete, the files don't start transferring for about a minute or so. Please be aware that there might not be any immediate feedback. After this step, a Google Drive icon will display in the Dolphin File Manager under Remote.

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