I'm auto installing ubuntu according to this

I use the following salted hash of root for a password:

    hostname: ubuntu-00
    password: "$6$FhcddHFVZ7ABA4Gi$9l4yURWASWe8xEa1jzI0bacVLvhe3Yn4/G3AnU11K3X0yu/mICVRxfo6tZTB2noKljlIRzjkVZPocdf63MtzC0" # root
    username: ubuntu # root doesn't work

but the salt "FhcddHFVZ7ABA4Gi" does not get stored in /etc/shadow which ends up like this:


if I edit this and put the salt in to the hash then I can login with ubuntu and root.

Why is it being removed???

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