I'm on Ubuntu 20.04, Brave I'd like to remap PrevTab and NextTab to and respectively. Problem is, Brave seems not to support custom shortcuts, and the extensions available are Windows-only. Is there any alternative way to make those shortcuts work on either Chrome or Brave?

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I found a way to do it. There is a nice extension called Shortkeys that costs 2 usd and allows remapping PrevTab and NextTab on Chrome. It is a fair ask so I highly recommend buying it to support the developer. For some reason, though, I didn't manage to install it on Brave: I get a "not authorized" error when installing it. Fortunately, the code is open source so we can build it manually.

git clone https://github.com/mikecrittenden/shortkeys
cd shortkeys
npm i
npm run build chrome

This will place a shortkeys.v3.0.8.chrome.zip file on the shortkeys/packages directory. Unzip that file on the same directory. There should be a shortkeys/packages/manifest.json file now. Then open brave, type brave://extensions on the url bar, activate "developer mode" on the top/right corner, click "load unpacked" on the top/left corner, navigate to the shortkeys/packages directory and press enter. The extension should now be added. Now go to brave://extensions/shortcuts and remap the keys you want to.

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