since yesterday I am stuck in an infinite login loop for one of my users on Ubuntu 18.04. I can log in to another account but not the one I need to login to. I tried hours of different fixes from the web, but none of them worked. Among those are

  • Reinstalling gdm3
  • installing lxsession
  • checking disk usage
  • stopping and restarting the gdm.service
  • chmod 755 $HOME
  • chmod a+rwx * to grant all users full access
  • Creating an .Xauthority file

I noticed that there is no .Xauthority file for this specific user. Unfortunately creating an empty .Xauthority file couldn't help. This issue happened after installing ROS and executing sudo apt-get update && upgrade. My current version is 18.04.4 LTS and I believe this issue is connected to the update. However I am not sure what could be causing this.

I really appreciate any help and can elaborate more, if needed.


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I just fixed it, maybe it can help anyone!

I had to uninstall the indicator-multiload tool by

sudo apt-get remove indicator-multiload

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