I Have Question, How to bulk / batch rename in terminal ? i use ubuntu 16.04 64 bit


i have 5 file

(GreatSoftware) AVG Anvitirus - 1.exe
(GreatSoftware) Windows Media Payer - 2.exe
(GreatSoftware) Winamp - 3.exe
(GreatSoftware) CorelDraw - 4.exe
(GreatSoftware) Chrome - 5.exe

rename to

Joesoftware AVG Anvitirus - 1.exe
Joesoftware Windows Media Payer - 2.exe
Joesoftware Winamp - 3.exe
Joesoftware CorelDraw - 4.exe
Joesoftware Chrome - 5.exe

please help, I want a script that I understand enough of this problem

thank you


To rename, you do not need a script. There is the rename command that allows to rename with a single command. It is installed by default. Consult man rename for how it works. Useful for first learning is among others, this website.

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